Wow Cool Trees

Really cool trees

I stumbled across this photo of some amazing trees growing on the island of Soqotra. Soqotra is an island featuring unique these trees  and other vegetation that can be found nowhere else on earth. The ‘Dragon Blood Tree’ is the tree shown above. From the coast to the high mountains and deep into the fertile valleys visitors can find some of the most surreal trees on this Planet. Some of the trees living on the island exist only here and you will never find them in the wild any place else on Earth. Over thirty percent of flora found here, exists no where else. The flora is so rare and unique that islands plans have all been assessed for the IUCN Red List. The majority of the Island is rugged and the climate can be extreme. But yet these trees still grow and thrive.

The Dragon’s Blood Tree is shaped a lot like an huge umbrella. The tree’s name originates from the red sap. The People of the Hadhramaut islands which Soqutra is part of, use the Dragon’s Blood Tree resin as medicine, incense, dye, varnish and for cosmetics. Everything about the Dragon’s Blood Tree is unique from its bark and trunk shape to its leaves. The leaves look a lot like those of palms. But on closer inspection they are different. The Dragon’s Blood Tree grows extremely slow and takes many years to mature. It takes an experienced botanist or educated enthusiast to notice and realize that most of Socotra’s flora and fauna are unique and endemic only to theses Islands. Of all the life on the Island, these trees reign as the most magnificent.

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