Twin Lakes Colorado Homestead Ruins and Gold Mine

Homestead near Twin Lakes Colorado

I had a great day hike this past December. I hiked by myself into the valley of the headwaters of the Arkansas River. Here at the foothills of Mt. Massive and more particularly Mt. Elbert is the beautiful “Twin Lakes” area. Our amazing log rental home was just a half mile from these beautiful ruins. The area was also littered with relics from gold mining that once occurred in the area.

The homestead featured these two small out buildings in addition to a much larger compound not pictured. I am not sure what the purpose of these buildings was but they were set far apart from the main compound. They appear to be early 1900′s era buildings based on the metal roofing. Nearby I found the remnants of an early rotating trommel and large steel parts that I could not identify. The land had been raped by the miners and the evidence was everywhere. Piles of mining tillings littered the creek bed some as high as 30 or 40 feet and they could have easily filled a football field. A promising thing to see was all the nitrogen fixing plants and spruce trees making a come back in these nutrient poor soils.

I can not wait to take a trip to these areas in summer.