Site Selection Services

If you are thinking of buying a home, lot or building on a lot you already own, you may want to consider hiring me to assist you. A Landscape Architect is highly skilled at site selection and I can offer you a non-biased perspective on your land purchase. Over my 20 year career not only have I sited countless homes and buildings but I have also bought and sold more than seven homes personally. Through these experiences I have learned a great deal about site issues. I can help you to not make mistakes commonly made:

  • Selecting for proper elevation relevant to the street
  • Selecting homes that do not have drainage problems
  • Selecting homes that have “street appeal”
  • Selecting homes that have good buffering and screening on the proper sides
  • Selecting lots and homes with healthy trees and vegetation
  • Selecting lots that are not subject to flooding
  • Selecting lots that are not encumbered by excessive restrictions such as zoning conditions  or overly restrictive covenants
  • Selecting homes for sustainability and environmental sensitivity
  • Selecting and siting homes to save you money

My services for this are typically done hourly. I can visit the site with you or on my own and advise you informally or by a full written report. I may also provide a conceptual site plan or permit level drawing as needed. Please note that I am not a licensed home inspector and nothing I do should be construed to replace the services of a qualified professional home inspector.

Contact me directly for assistance with evaluating sites for development or housing.