Professional Renderings

Color Rendering of Architectural Plans

One of the aspects of my career that I have enjoyed most, is the chance I get to paint and or color my designs in a process called “rendering”.  Many would say that rendering of architectural plans is an art form.  Some of the best renderings are done in water colors and clients often displayed the final products in frames on the walls of their offices and homes. Many firms seek the services of outside artist for these efforts. Prior to 2000, most rendering was done by hand using AD markers, pencils, color paints or some combination of these. After 2000 however, many firms began to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator due to the ease of making changes and revisions, especially to text labels. Now, only those seeking to create a nostalgic or a particularly artistic look still use the old methods.

I have mastered the use of AD Markers, pencil, water color and the software programs including the full creative suite of Adobe software and can provide truly professional rendering services for commercial and residential clients. If you are in need of top level professional rendering I can certainly help.

Rendering Services:

  • AD Markers and Pencil Renderings – This method is used to obtain a quality reminiscent of 70-90′s stylized color renderings. These renderings require a unique print on special paper called “clay-coat” paper. Not many printers still carry these materials making the cost high. Printing is possible on ordinary paper but markers usually cause the printing ink to bleed. The time to prepare a rendering in this method is typically 6-10 hours. Changes are very difficult and often require a complete re-rendering of the project.
  • Water Color Renderings – This is perhaps the most difficult of all rendering types. The process requires printing the plan on special water color paper. Finding paper suitably thin enough to run through a printer and yet still retain the paint and water can be challenging. The paper must also be stretched and and prepared before painting. The effect of using water colors results in a much looser and more artistic interpretation of the plan. Watercolor best for projects where the client wishes to project a more unique or high end image. A water color can take 2 days to complete and is therefore the most expensive of rendering types that I offer. Changes are nearly impossible and therefore the client must agree to the line work, style and color palette prior to the rendering process beginning.
  • Adobe Creative Suites Including PhotoShop or Illustrator – Perhaps the most prevalent tool artist now use for rendering is the software by Adobe. Using this software is faster and allows for multiple revisions with little effort. Some basic 2D plan renderings can be done in as little as an hour and most in 4 to 6 hours. The best part about using Photoshop is the ability to create layers in the drawing. This allows the end user to turn layers on and off for different needs. Smaller versions with larger text for the internet can be made along with very large prints with a separate set of smaller text labels, etc. Phases of projects can be toggled on and off for miscellaneous graphics needed.  Items can easily be added later as well. This is the method I most recommend for my clients.

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