Nature’s Amazing Colors

Lichens on mining relics

During a recent hike in the valley bellow Mt. Elbert in Colorado I stumbled across some mining artifacts.  One in particular caught my eye. It was a 40 foot long conglomeration of steel beams that had broken off as was evident by the broken, distorted and twisted metal on one end. It was clad in wood planks on the sides and bolts protruded in great quantities in place where planks hod rotted away. I could not determine its use and it left me greatly curious. I will have to visit the mining museum in Leadville on my next visit to the area.

On one end of those planks on the eastern face at the top of the terminating plank, a beautiful little grouping of lichens had taken hold. I set my Nikon to the Macro setting and shot several photos including this one. The amazing colors of the lichen complimented adjacent tumble weed flowers and the grays of the aging timber.