Creative Design Services

Creative Design Principals

Years of fine art training and a magnitude of college level design courses have given me a well rounded understanding of the creative design principals. This combined with my ongoing career experiences has led to a strong command of the full creative process. The same design principals that I have mastered for my career are also applicable to many other fields: Unity, Point, Line, Space, Balance, Form, Function, Color, Texture, Contrast, Scale, Hierarchy and Dominance. 

Creative Endeavors

In addition to designing for landscapes and master planning communities, I dabble in residential architecture, environmental graphic design (signage), commercial sculpture, web design and other creative efforts. My hobbies include travel photography, sculpting and mixed media. Some of my work is featured in blogs on this site. Additionally, I am the CEO of Creation Collaboration, Inc. a multimedia internet company that owns and operates more than ten different web domains.

I am very interested in creative endeavors,  especially collaborative ones. If you have a need for a creative designer,  a creative partner or someone to participate in a creative brainstorming effort, please feel free to contact me directly for quote to provide creative design services.

Creative Design Services Include:

  • Web Site Design
  • Themeing (Ideas on which to base projects)
  • Brainstorming (Ideas for projects)
  • Creative Think Tank Analyst
  • Fine Art – Portraits
  • Mixed Media Painting and Drawing – Abstract
  • Prototype Mechanical drafting – Concepts to CAD Details
  • Sculpting – clay- wood – steel

A Creative Career:

In my career I have provided creative design services outside the typical field of Landscape Design including:
Palmetto Planters - Designed and drafted an array of resin based pre-cast indoor/outdoor planters, urns, pots, balusters, and fountains for a start up manufacturing business.
Commercial Client – Designed and drafted multiple creative design ideas for a company manufacturing “bomb-proof” trash receptacles for airports and transportation terminals.
Arcadis – Sketched and rendered a covered bridge drawing for T-Shirts and marketing materials.
Multiple Residential Clients – Designed and drafted architectural floor plans and additions for homes from $30K to over $500K.
Multiple Commercial Clients – Design and implemented more than twenty commercial web sites.
Post Properties - Design and then sculpt multiple concepts for use in making molds that would be used to make duplicate original art pieces for various projects. Create concepts and scaled sketches to direct professional sculptor.
Life size sculpture at Post Propeties

Sculpture Design by Sean Murphy – Sculptor Martin Dawe