Design Philiosophy

Art, Nature, and Sustainability

As an artist and designer I have always¬†studied my surroundings wherever I have traveled: I’ve enjoyed analyzing nature and its impacts on the built environment as well as studying the most respected architecture and art of the world. From the Grand Canyon and the Forum in Rome, to cliff dwellings of the Anasazi and the Maya ruins at Caracol. I have traveled widely and been influenced dramatically by what I have seen. I do not believe that it is important to make a statement with my work for the sake of notoriety. Nor do I profess to be an expert designer of any particular style. Instead, I believe the most important goal of any work should be to positively influence those who experience it, to respectfully reflect the culture and lifestyle of the client and to ensure that the work stands the test of time.

Integration of Art and Nature Into the Built Environment:

Some believe ‘art’ is one of the true indicators of human intelligence.

I believe that construction related design is art done with an intent to positively impact daily life. While some art hangs on walls in museums, other art surrounds us, envelops us and influences our daily lives, often in ways we don’t even realize. In practice, I contemplate this idea and carefully considers how my work will be experienced. My idea of integrating art typically includes careful contemplation of complementary colors and contrasting textures. From artful paving designs and masterful works of stone and masonry, my best works are full of art and every where you look there is a new experience. My work is done with an eye for detail and many create a lasting visual impressions.

In addition to art, I discovered at an early age that nature has an amazing impact on how we learn, how we feel, and even how we socialize. I grew up playing in the mangroves and estuaries of Florida bays, hiking the Smokey Mountains and camping along the Suwannee River. From these experiences I have learned that nature has an inherent power to recharge the human spirit. In fact, I believe strongly that nature brings out the “inner child” or that particular part of our psyche that tends to come out whenever we experience something for the first time. For these and other reasons I believes that it is very important to integrate nature into urban fabric to the greatest extent possible.

Sustainable (Common Sense) Design:

Beyond art and nature, I believe very strongly in the consideration of the overall implications of my designs. From start to finish I design with thoughts on the environmental and social costs as well as the financial costs. Starting by guiding clients to the appropriate selections of building sites and ending with assistance and consulting on the appropriate selections of materials with life cycle costs in mind.